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Over 8 million people of color fought in the Second World War—yet their stories have largely been written out of history. The series, narrated and exec produced by Idris Elba, goes some way to correct this.


“Erased: WW2’s Heroes Of Color”, showcases the personal narratives of soldiers through their never-before-aired oral testimonies and journal writings, along with powerful accounts from their descendants — stories passed down the generations. These gripping and emotional testimonies transport viewers back in time to witness bravery unfold in WW2’s iconic theatres of war.

The films uncover the long-lost legacies of soldiers of color during World War II. This landmark series sheds light on the immense contributions of over eight million individuals who fought heroically for the Allied forces and whose stories have largely gone untold.


“Erased: WW2’s Heroes Of Color”, weaves a blend of historical dramatizations with curated archival footage, bridging the past with the present to highlight new perspectives on established histories. 

Disney/National Geographic 

October Films & Green Door Pictures

Episode Director Alex Thomas 

Episode DoP Ian Watts

Executive Producers Idris Elba

Johanna Woolford Gibbon & Annabel Hobley

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