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Britain's Got Talent judge Ashley Banjo takes the lead in a new documentary about Black British history on ITV. In 2020, Ashley and his dance group Diversity performed a powerful routine in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Britain's Got Talent. Diversity's BGT routine was one of the most complained-about TV moments in Ofcom history, but the regulator didn't investigate the performance and called the group's dance "a call for social unity". 

Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White will see Ashley reflect on the impact of the dance routine one year on, while also exploring Black British history. Part journey of discovery, part intimate biography, Ashley will reveal how race and racism have impacted upon his life and that of his family and friends. Crucially by meeting civil rights trailblazers from modern history, he will also try and understand what it means to take a stand. He’ll get first hand testimony of the perils, positives of taking a stand.

Specifically, Ashley will look into the Black civil rights movement in the UK, speaking to trailblazers from modern times and learning how they stood up for equality.

The programme will also see Ashley look back on his personal journey, speaking about how race and racism have impacted his life, and sharing the experiences of his friends and family. 



Stephanie Wessell / Tim Dunn 
Exec Producers

Mike Smith / Eamon Hardy  
ITV 60 mins 

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