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As long ago as 1987, Melody Maker’s Mat Smith noted: “working with Sly and Robbie has become the accepted seal of approval on any artist’s career”. For the past four decades, drummer Sly and bassist Robbie have backed and/or produced a Who’s Who of reggae, rock and pop glitterati. During that time, the Riddim Twins, as they are popularly known, have revolutionised reggae several times, and made important contributions to pop music’s constantly evolving soundscape. Melvyn Bragg expertly teases out the hugely self-effacing stars’ countless contributions to music in an interview that spans their forty-year working relationship and beyond. From their prophetic first meeting to their self-appointed role as mentors to the next generation of wannabe Jamaican reggae stars. With more than 200,000 recordings to their name, the Riddim Twins are arguably the most prolific recording artists of all time.

Producer & Director Geoff Small

Exec Producer Melvyn Bragg

Directors Cut Productions 

Sky Arts 60mins 2016


Nominated for a Grierson Award

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