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Back in Time for Brixton

A special edition of the ‘Back in Time for’ programme, consisting of two episodes, where for one summer, the Irwin family give up their modern lives and travel back in time to experience 50 years of Black British history, discovering how post-war Caribbean immigration transformed the way we all live.

Starting in 1948, and ending in 1999, the Irwin family travel through time to discover what life was like, and experience the radical transformation of UK society for first-generation West Indian immigrants making their lives in Brixton. Along the way the family experience the food, work and entertainment. The family is guided by presenter Giles Coren and social historian Emma Dabiri, who introduce them to their new homes as well as the events of the time. 


Director Geoff Small

Producer Carl Callam

Series Producer Nancy Bornat

Exec Producer Emma Hindley

Wall to Wall Media

BBC TV 2x60 mins 2016

The Daily Telegraph ‘Back in Time for Brixton is a politically weighty episode that shows  how far society has come’

The Times - 'You don’t want to miss Back In Time for Brixton which gives a successful format a fresh and unfamiliar edge' 

Evening Standard - 'Back in Time for Brixton offers an engaging and humanising look at the immigrant experience'

The Guardian - 'Monday’s best TV: Back in Time for Brixton….'

Photograph: Ian Watts/BBC/Wall to Wall

Further Back in Time for Dinner

The Robshaw family try foods from different time periods, and also experiencing a week living through different decades starting from the 1900's.


Producer/Director Rosie O'Connor

Producer Linda McCarthy

Series Producer Nancy Bornat

Exec Producer Emma Hindley

Wall to Wall Media

BBC TV 60 mins 2016

Who Do You Think You Are? Moira Stuart

Moira Stuart's family history traces back to Edinburgh. Her father and grandfather both studied medicine. Her family also had to deal with racism but were able to fight through it and become a thriving family in the UK. This film made as part of the original series of Who Do You Think You Are? follows her journey from the Highlands of Scotland to the Caribbean.

Director Ian Leese

Line Producer Lareine Shea

Wall to Wall Media

BBC TV 60 mins 2004

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