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Presenter: Judi Love

Producer/ Director: Anna Manton

Executive Producers: Angela Ferreira and Maxine Watson

DOP: Ian Watts

Douglas Road Productions 60 mins for Channel 4

Visionary Arts Awards 2023 Documentary Of The Year WINNER: Judi Love: Black, Female & Invisible

Nominated for  Best Documentary at the I Talk Telly Awards 2022

Judi Love: Black, Female and Invisible


The comedian and presenter Judi Love has a successful career, but for every black woman like her, there are many more who haven’t managed to make their mark. Here she discovers why so many black British women struggle, uncovering evidence of inequalities in health, education and work. She also hears what’s being done to redress the balance.

She discovers she has managed to defy the odds stacked against most Black women living in the UK today. Damning figures point to profound inequalities in health, education, work, and other key aspects of life. On an eye-opening and emotional journey, Judi discovers the real stories behind the statistics – as well as the inspirational women determined to change things for the next generation with innovative and practical solutions.

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