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This essential documentary presented and narrated by BAFTA award-winning poet Benjamin Zephaniah, catalogues everything black footballers have done for the beautiful game - and the disgraceful abuse they have suffered in return.
The Windrush generation contributed an enormous amount to British society, but in few places has this been more visible than on the football pitch. This film explores the impact

 their descendants has had on English football and the national team.

Director Theo Lee Ray
Exec Producer Sally Brown
BT Sport 80 mins 2021

Nominated for SJA British Sports Journalism Awards 2021  Television / Digital Documentary

The Guardian ***** review

"Standing Firm: Football’s Windrush Story (BT Sport 3) is a 90-minute history lesson as damning and necessary as David Olusoga’s book Black and British..."


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Benjamin Zephaniah

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