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Melvyn Bragg meets Benjamin Clementine, one of the most talented musicians of his generation. A self-taught pianist, singer and songwriter, his unique approach to music has attracted widespread critical acclaim, as well as netting him the coveted 2015 Mercury Prize for his debut album, At Least for Now. Melvyn Bragg talks to Benjamin about his unusual life and even stranger music career. The self-confessed loner fled his home in Edmonton, London, aged 16, only to end up as a homeless busker in Paris as a 19-year-old. By 25, he had found musical stardom. Benjamin, returns to his most cherished hideaways in and around Edmonton, and then travels to New York, the city that provided him the inspirational backdrop for his forthcoming second album.

Producer & Director Geoff Small

Exec Producer Melvyn Bragg

Directors Cut Productions 

Sky Arts 60mins 2017


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